Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grill Cooking

My friend knows a lot about healthy cooking with fresh vegetables and how to spice up a meal.

So we went to the local supermarket to put some things together on the grill. I took my camera to photo-document some of the foods. Look at the colors of those vegetables. What a display!

There's also a small local fish market near the Everett waterfront. We bought some fresh oysters for grilling. I wanted to buy a new oyster knife rather than use a screw driver again. Next time I think I'll open the oysters and put them on the grill, rather than wait for the heat to open them.

We also got some tiger schrimp for grilling with some butter and garlic. Mmmmm....good.

This silver salmon was given to me by Clayton, who started me fishing this season. The Coke can is in there to show the size of that fish! I just put it on a boat of aluminum foil and it barely squeezed in under the hood of the grill-- no spices, no butter, no garnish. It was great!

There is other grilling that I've done and have planned this summer. We even went to the movie about Julia Child and I've been inspired to do something other than always drive through McDonald's, although there's a time and place for everything.

There are some U-Pick blueberry fields around here, and the berries taste real good with Bar-B-Q chicken.

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