Thursday, June 18, 2009

Salem Massachusetts

We went to the Boston area the last week in May. One part of the trip was to Salem, Massachusetts-- home to the famous "Salem Witch Trials" in 1692. Three young women started exhibiting bizarre behavior, which led to suspicion and accusations of witchcraft in the Puritan town. Suspects were accused, examined and imprisoned by local magistrates. By the time the hysteria was over 24 people had died-- 19 were hanged on Gallows Hill in Salem Town. Some died in prison and one man who refused to confess was crushed to death.

We got there a little late in the evening, but managed to connect with a tour guide, who claimed to be a witch. He wore a top hat and carried an umbrella. There was something vaguely familiar about our guide.

He walked us past the old county jail, a couple of graveyards, taverns and other places claimed to be haunted. The guide suggested that we closely examine our photographs later for "white orbs," green slime, and ghost-like mist. Such would be evidence of ghosts that only a camera could capture-- the unaided human eye just wouldn't see them. I thought the white orbs were reflections from the camera flash bouncing off of rain drops (as the guide did have an umbrella).

Later, when I examined the digital photos I'd taken a little more closely, I did see. . .

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